The 'Yorkshire Gent' Takes On The 'True Gent'

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Recently we sent our True Gent Summer Style Kit to male grooming blogger The Yorkshire Gentleman for his honest review of our products. Check out what he had to say below:



As promised in one of my earlier posts, I'm excited to share with you another grooming product review. I'm a big fan of hair care and styling products and I'm still searching for that ultimate hair finishing product. I was extremely thrilled when I received a selection of hair care and grooming products from Jacks of London to test them out and see how they perform! 'Jacks of London' the brand, has been running since 1995 and the relatively new 'The True Gent' range of products are made in the UK. They employed the help of their own barbers to develop the products which are aimed at the modern gent.


 I received the 'Summer Style Kit' (Hassle free) which is one of four packs from their Summer 2016 packs range. I'm a big fan of the look of the packaging and look of The True Gent range. All of the products came in a handy little canvas storage bag, which could be great for travelling, you even get a sample size additional product with each pack. In the Summer Style Kit (Hassle free) you get:

  • Hassle Free Daily Moisturising Shampoo
  • Urban Hold Sea Salt Spray
  • Head Strong Paste


I've been using the hassle free daily moisturising shampoo (250ml) over the last couple of weeks. It has a great fresh citrus, masculine fragrance. I only needed a small amount per wash for my hair style which is short, slightly wavy hair. The shampoo lathers up really well with minimal effort and left my hair feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. Because of the 'top down' design, it can have a tendency for too much to come out at once, however, this isn't an issue as it can be easily managed.

Sea Salt Spray

I've not used a sea salt spray before and to tell the truth, at first, I was a bit unsure what type of finish I would get from it. The textursing sea salt spray (200ml) is a water soluble hair pomade that is supposed to provide shine with a firm hold. I've only used the sea salt spray as a volumiser before blow drying. In this form it gives good results and creates great volume ready to apply a finishing product such as clay like the head strong defining paste.

Head Strong Defining Paste

I also received a defining paste (75g) in the Summer style kit. This paste contains volcanic ash. It is suggested that the volcanic ash gives a firmer hold, and it has a hold factor of 5/5. I've not come across or used a used a hair product previously that includes volcanic ash. As with a lot of hair products, you only need a tiny amount of product which should be warmed up in your hands, before lightly working into your hair. I found that my style held for most of the day, but maybe not as much as you would expect from a firm hold product. The paste washes out of your hair with relative ease.

I really enjoyed using these products over the past couple of weeks. Make sure you check out Jacks Of London if you would like more information or would like to purchase any of these products. I'd love to hear any comments you may have.

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