Fancy going Platinum Blonde?



Platinum Blonde hair is a growing trend of late, and over the past couple of months we have seen countless celebrities leading the way, including Justin Bieber, Zain Malik, Aaron Ramsey and now Lionel Messi!

So, if you’re bored with your current style and up for making a statement then we’ve set out some essential tips for you before you take the plunge.

Would I suit blonde hair?

This all depends on what look you want to achieve and how much you want to stand out! Do you remember when Adam Levine went blonde? He got a lot of negative comments thrown his way on social media, but he wasn’t afraid to ignore the critics and totally rocked his new look!

However, generally we would recommend choosing a blonde that goes with your skin tone:

Fair skin – ash blonde or platinum blonde works really well for fairer skin tones.

Medium/ olive – we think that platinum blonde can work with an olive complexion, but perhaps keep the roots a tad darker and blend the blonde in on top.

Dark skin – you may want to go for a more golden/copper blonde, as dark skin and light hair can really stand out and may make too much a statement for you.

What colour would work for me?

There are so many different shades of blonde to consider, and the colour of your natural hair will determine how the first application will turn out.

Darker hair has more golden and warm tones, so it’s highly likely that when bleach is applied for the first time the hair will be left with a orange/yellow tint... don’t panic, this can be sorted with a few more sittings at the barbers, however you may need to wait a few days in-between so that you don’t damage your hair!

Light brown hair has less of the golden and warm tones; therefore you may be lucky to get the colour you want from one sitting. 

We highly recommend popping into Jacks and speaking with our experienced colour specialists beforehand. You can then go over the colour you want and our barbers can give you some advice and set your expectations.

The shades:

Platinum                        Ash blonde                Copper blonde


How to maintain Platinum Blonde Hair:

We have mentioned that Platinum Blonde hair is harder to maintain and needs a lot more attention than any other colour. That said; we wouldn’t want to put you off. We love creating a statement at Jacks and your hard work will definitely pay off if you’re aim is to turn heads!

Once you’ve taken the plunge and chosen to go Platinum it’s always good to invest in a good purple toning shampoo, as this will take any brassy tones out of lightened blonde hair, as well as silver toned hair. You can buy these shampoo’s in most good supermarkets or simply a good quality shampoo such as the Jacks True Gent Bulk Up or Hassle Free Shampoos will also help keep your new look in good condition.

What about my beard?

Having lighter hair with a darker beard can be a great contrast! Don’t worry about thinking the 2 colours clash; it all ties in with the bold statement that you’re going for. Check out these guys who’ve mastered the look:

 At Jacks we don’t recommend tinting your beard and eyebrows to match, trust us, it’s not a good look!

And if you’re still not totally sold on going blonde all over, highlights can be a great first step to going fully blonde, they are easier to maintain and grow out quickly if it’s not your bag. 

And last but not least, it might be a good idea to mention your new colour change to your nearest and dearest before you take the plunge. Or perhaps a before and after on Facebook could be more fun!