Daily Pomade Reviews Take On Jacks True Gent Motion Hold

Our True Gent range has gained lots of interest in the US and recently we were contacted by US based reviewer Daily Pomade Reviews, who wanted to check out our very popular styling range. Take a look at what they had to say about our Motion Hold Styling Cream:

"Review of Jacks of London True Gent Styling Range Motion Hold Styling Cream!

Upon hearing about these products, I immediately wanted to try them. However, being that I'm from the US and these products are from London, I was a little unsure if I actually needed them that bad. I have them now, and any fan of pomade and hair products in the US needs to try this line of products. Now to the Styling cream. This is a perfect product for a laid back look or a clean cut one. It is very versatile. The cream is white and very smooth allowing it to go through the hair very easily. The hold is medium just as it says (3/5 hold on Jack's scale) and it feels perfect in your hair. From a person who has used a lot of water based gel pomades, this is. Refreshing product to try because it doesn't really dry your hair out. It can be brushed or combed through easily and washes out great. The scent is nice-very clean scent. Everyone needs to try it out today. Check them out @jacksoflondonuk on here and online at https://jacks-the-true-gent.myshopify.com/! Reviews for the other 2 are out in the coming days! #london #stylingcream #jacksoflondon"

Check back soon for more reviews from Daily Pomade Reviews.