Banish Those Bushy Brows

New Eyebrow Threading Service! 


If you have unruly eyebrows, reminiscing of a dense forest, the big question is, should you being doing something about them?

Well this really depends on your unique eyebrow situation, but the way we see it is, why pay good money to have your hair and beard sharpened up and then leave your eyebrows to grow wild! 

There are two types of eyebrow hair growth that require immediate action: Individual long hairs growing within your eyebrow and/or wiry, rouge short hairs that won't get in line. So if you have hairs extending beyond your brow line or hairs congregating to form the beginnings of a uni-brow, in our opinion, man scaping is a must! 

At Jacks we now offer a professional eyebrow threading service which delivers a subtle 'natural' looking brow. Threading uses a piece of cotton to wrap around each individual brow hair to remove excess strands, making for a speedy treatment that doesn't leave the brows looking overly-sculpted. Eyebrow grooming can also act as a fantastic anti-ageing device that brightens the face and lifts the eyes, making a world of difference to your face! 

For many guys though, the mere thought of eyebrow grooming still feels tedious or unnecessary, but at Jacks we can simply finish off your look at the same time as having your monthly haircut or shape up. Threading is a quick and discreet service that lasts far longer than trimming or plucking, so simply ask your barber for our eyebrow service each time you're in for your regular trim. Your tamed brow will leave you with a much cleaner, smarter look to the face as a pose to a couple of furry creatures who have attached themselves to your forehead! 

Our exclusive service is available in all Jacks stores for just £8! 


 Less is more - so if you do have a go at home with the tweezers - go slowly and don't over pluck.

 Use a tiny dab of styling cream to weigh down and smooth our unruly brows.

 Add on an eyebrow grooming service when you visit the barbers and it will become part of your regular grooming routine.

 Men have a lower and straighter brow line, so make sure yours stays masculine by asking your Jacks barber as a pose to a ladies' salon.

 Threading can also be done on cheek bones, bridge of nose, earlobes or simply those pesky hairs in the middle of your brow.